Channing Tatum Wants George Clooney for Magic Mike 3

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Magic Mike 3 is still nothing but a dream you’ve been having for the past six months, but should that beautiful dream ever become a reality, Channing Tatum knows exactly who he wants as a co-star: George Clooney. During an interview with E! News, Channing told his Hail, Caesar! compatriot that he’d give him his entire salary if he’d agree to be in Magic Mike XXXL if it comes to pass.

The pair then tried to come up with an appropriate stripper name for George, who should obviously call himself Cloons but instead thought he should be “Big George.” Since Joe Manganiello is already Big Dick Richie, that is not a possibility, so George will have to keep thinking. Luckily, Maria Menounos suggested the time-tested formula of childhood pet plus first street you lived on, which led George to come up with “Big Boy Fourth Street.” That’s it right there. Exercise over.

By Eliza Thompson
Feb 2, 2016