Lady Gaga Parties Hard At Bachelorette Event and has the Bruises to Prove It

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She’s known for being a party animal, but Lady Gaga’s weekend at a bachelorette gathering, was pushing it ever for her standards.

Surrounded by male strippers, she danced, sang, fell over, and in her own words got totally wasted!

The music star shared pictures of the shenanigans on social media, one which seems to be the morning after as she walks in a daze, while wearing a short pink skirt, that reveals the bruises all over her legs from pole dancing too hard. She captioned it, admitting that she was still completely drunk.

The bash took place on the floor of a swanky New York hotel, and most of the guests were her childhood friends, not other celebrities.

It included music, pizza, lots of alcohol and a whole troupe of male strippers who looked to be having just as much fun as the partygoers.

In one photo the multi-platinum singer can be seen munching on a pizza slice, and in another she’s swinging around a pole, surrounded by her friends.

She joked in one caption that the girls are just as naughty now as when they were young Catholic school girls, a testament to the fact that Gaga hasn’t forgotten her friends or where she came from.

After the party she herself stripped down to a black thong and workout bra and attempted to counter the hangover and negative health effects by going through a gruelling Yoga session, which to her fans delight was shared in multiple photos on her Instagram. One image shows her head nearly touching the floor with her toned rear end sticking in the air!

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2015 looks to be an important year for best selling artist who has been somewhat out of the spotlight in recent years. She confirmed at the end of 2014 that she’s working on a new solo album, and recently confirmed that she’ll once again be collaborating with producer RedOne.

She is also currently on her Cheek to Cheek tour with co-headliner Tony Bennett, which will conclude in the Summer.