‘Thunder From Down Under’ male strippers tackle suspected armed robber

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Thunder From Down Under did more of a performance than usual when they tackled down a suspected armed robber.

ABC News revealed the identity of the suspected armed robber as 24-year-old Joey Kadmir.

Kadmir snuck backstage and was trying to get away with taking the cast members’ costumes and makeup. Six male strippers noticed Kadmir and tackled him.

Associated Press added Kadmir is being charged with using a weapon, felony attempted murder, armed robbery, and burglary. The incident occurred at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The brawl between Kadmir and the Thunder From Down Under male strippers started at 9:27 p.m. as the dancers got ready for their performance. According to the police report, the male dancers realized that some of their clothing and makeup was missing.

Ryan Paki, one of the dancers, found a suitcase that seemed out of place. Paki and the show director then went on to check the suitcase and found it was filled with props and dance costumes.

Kadmir proceeded to get defensive and confront Paki and the show director by telling them, “What are you doing? I just bought all that stuff for my girlfriend.”

The situation escalated as the other male dancers got involved. They began to wrestle with Kadmir to retrieve the items he had stolen. According to the authorities, Kadmir then pulled out a gun and held it to Scott Berchtold’s head. A shot was fired and hit the wall as the male dancers took Kadmir down.

The police reported that Kadmir had been seen lurking around backstage, but since he was wearing a SWAT hat and a firefighter shirt, many assumed he was new employee at Thunder From Down Under.

This is not Kadmir’s first time running into trouble with the law. He had a warrant out for his arrest in December for allegedly kidnapping a woman. The warrant was also for assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. Kadmir allegedly struck the woman, pointed a gun at her and trapped her in a closet.

Kadmir was then arrested for the spectacle he caused at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. No one was severely injured from the fight. The following day, the Thunder From Down Under male dancers performed. As they say, the show must go on

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