Russell Crowe Pranks Matt Bomer: ‘This Is For Magic Mike’

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Russell Crowe is well-known for playing chiseled heroes and sadistic villains, so he used that notoriety to scare the heck out of “The Nice Guys” co-star Matt Bomer.
Right away, Crowe put his plan into motion: “One of the first things we had to do together is I had to strangle him,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly’s Sirius XM show.

According to the legendary actor, his performances have led some actors to fear his work: “I know from past experiences, sometimes when you work with younger actors their references seriously are ‘LA Confidential’ and ‘Gladiator’, stuff like that,” he says. “They’re scared s**tless that it’s going to be for real.”

Turns out Bomer had those exact same fears: “Well, it’s also like, is Russell really going to choke me out in this take?” admitted Bomer. “I don’t know if he is, but maybe that’s going to happen.”

To reassure Bomer that everything would be fine, Crowe demonstrated how he would pretend to choke his co-star without ever touching him. Once the scene started rolling, however, the Oscar-winning actor pulled the trigger on his prank.

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Crowe wrapped his hands around Bomer’s neck, stared into his eyes and whispered: “Hey Matt, this is for ‘Magic Mike'”. He proceeded to make terrifying grunting sounds, joking that “grunting is one of my things.”

Russell Crowe stars alongside Ryan Gosling in “The Nice Guys”, in theatres everywhere on May 20.