Stasi: Maybe it’s time to stop making newscasters dress like strippers

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It’s about time somebody told a TV news woman that showing up to work dressed like a stripper, a backup dancer or Britney Spears after a night out is wrong – unless you are a stripper, a backup dancer or Britney Spears.

Instead, a meteorologist who was told to cover up for wearing a sparkly mini cocktail dress to report the weather created a storm rather than reporting on one.

It began over the weekend, when KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan who wore a skimpy outfit to report the weather was told that viewers were complaining about her attire.

A male colleague, as a joke, threw her an old-guy Perry Como sweater. She claims she didn’t like the outfit she brought to work, so she donned somebody’s cocktail dress. She laughed about being teased. Nobody else did.

And THIS is what created the Twit storm.

Women started yelling that a male has no right to tell a woman how to dress. Seriously? First off, it was done in fun, and Chan took it that way.

Secondly, until and unless men are made to show up to report the news, the weather and all manner of tragedy dressed like Magic Mike in thong tuxedos, newswomen need to stop capitulating to the FOX News and ESPN ideal that they need to look like escorts in order to report on war, sports and yes, the weather.

, but the women who went crazy that a male colleague joked about Chan’s attire got it all wrong. These same knee-jerk responders should be furious that on-camera female reporters are encouraged – and sometimes forced – to dress like this in the first place. (Chan wasn’t.)

On TV news, men are hired for their expertise. Women need much more. They need also to be gorgeous, have big hair, and be able to wear a rubber dress like they work out for a living. What’s the criteria? To look competent and experienced, or like you’d do a helluva job on a stripper pole?

Males get to stay on well into overweight old-fartdom. Giant massive combovers that look like live farm animals on their heads dyed in shades never intended for the living? All good.

Meantime, their female counterparts on set often look like Sports Illustrated cover models in skimpy sleeveless dresses – to report on blizzards!

Ask yourselves: Would Barbara Walters have made it nowadays? Would Diane Sawyer have ever shown up to work dressed like she was serving cocktails in Vegas?

Monday, May 16, 2016, 11:33 AM