Roanoke business duped by fake Chippendales

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202 Market is refunding tickets to the Chippendales Show scheduled for September 18, 2012, after learning it was not an authorized Chippendales touring company.

202 Market posted this announcement on its facebook page Wednesday morning:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue with the Chippendales Show scheduled for September 18, 2012. We apologize and anyone having purchased tickets and/or VIP Tables will receive a 100% refund of their money.”

We contacted 202 Market, and Jo Jo Soprano said the 250 tickets sold out in record time and they were sorry to have to cancel the show but it was beyond their control.

“The group that was claiming to be the Chippendales is not an authorized Chippendales touring company and is no way affiliated with the trademarked brand Chippendales, So it was essentially a fraudster or an infringer,” said Kevin Denberg, a Chippendales managing partner.  “Like any other major brand we take that type of behavior quite seriously.  It’s deceiving to both the club owners and more importantly our fans.”

Denberg tells 10 on Your Side because Chippendales is the “gold standard in this type of entertainment,” this type of thing happens occasionally, and 202 Market worked with them to have the performance cancelled.

“It’s certainly a problem for us, it’s problem that most global brands deal with but fortunately assuming we’re able to learn about the situation, venue operators are quite amenable to working with us to stop the show for fear of defrauding the public,” said Denberg.

Denberg said people very often use their images to pass themselves off as the trademarked Chippendales and every authorized show is listed on the Chippendales website.

We’re told they do have plans to bring Chippendales to the area and are always looking for partners to put on the show but are not familiar enough with 202 Market to comment if that would be an appropriate venue.

We will have more on this story tonight on WSLS at 6 p.m.

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