Male strippers insure private parts for nearly £100m after ‘grabbing’ incident

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David Richards has made sure his troop of men have all had their tackle insured after an incident last year when an audience member fought her way on stage and grabbed one of The Dreamboys’ bits.

After that mishap, the group are now covered for a whopping £96million.

Mr Richards, of The Avenue, said: “The security staff didn’t stand a chance against her.

“You just heard a scream and the guy came off stage and he couldn’t breathe.

“He was unable to do the next few routines.”

Former stripper Mr Richards, 32, said: “I had never thought about insuring that before.

“It’s a prime example of how things can get out of hand.”

Mr Richards, who grew up at Longcroft Lane, WGC, bought out the company four years ago after working for them from when he was 18. He has since turned the act into a multi-million pound business which boasts eight nightclub nights throughout the UK, as well as an upcoming 45 leg tour.

They will be performing at the Alban Arena in St Albans on Friday, September 13 and the Gordon Craig Theatre, in Stevenage, on October 25.

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