‘Magic Mike XXL’ Star Elizabeth Banks ‘Disgusted’ The First Time She Saw A Male Stripper

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Elizabeth Banks first saw a male stripper when she was on college, and apparently the experience didn’t turn out they way she expected.

“The first time I met a male stripper was in college of course with my sorority,” Banks shared during her appearance on “Conan” Wednesday night, Jan. 7, while talking about her upcoming movie “Magic Mike XXL.”

“He showed up in a police uniform, dingdong front door, with a little boom box,” the 40-year-old actress recalled. “[But when] he got naked, were sort of so disgusted. I actually ran out of the room at one point.”

“What was the problem?” asked host Conan O’Brien.

“He left his socks on,” “The Hunger Games” actress answered.”Like he just couldn’t figure out how to sexily remove a sock.”

“Right, because all the clothes have to come off in a sexy way,” the 51-year-old host commented.

Banks continued, “Flinging a dirty sock around the room was not gonna be sexy so he just left them on. [And were like,] is this like his third gig of all time?”

“So what would real male strippers do?” asked the host.

“They don’t wear socks, they don’t bother with socks,” Banks said.

Banks’ casting on the upcoming comedy drama film was announced back in September, according to Entertainment Weekly. She joins returning and new stars, including Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jane McNeill, Donald Glover, Michael Strahan and many others.

This past November, Tatum, who plays the title role, told Time magazine that they got Manganiello “naked as much as possible” in the sequel, adding, “Everyone in the world: you’re welcome.”

Meanwhile, Manganiello, who reprises his role as Big Dick Richie, recently said that the sequel is a “bigger rush” than the original film.

He, along with his costars, shot their stripping scenes for the 2012 film in front of 200 shrieking female extras on set, but that crowd was too small compared to the audience they had for the second installment.

“This time, there were 900 during our dance scene, so it was a bigger rush,” Manganiello revealed to People on Nov. 6, at the launch of the MB Chronowing smart watch at Soho House West Hollywood. “The sound of 900 screaming women is literally deafening. My ears were ringing for days after I did my final routine.”

At the same event, Manganiello told E! News that “Magic Mike XXL” is going to be different from the original “Magic Mike” because of its distinct vibe.

He explained that while the first film “was more about the romance…and had more of an art house feel, this one is more of a ’70s road trip movie, like ‘Easy Rider.’ ‘Animal House,’ when they went out on the road.”

“Magic Mike XXL” opens in theaters on July 3.