Take it off: The naked truth about male strippers

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Va-va-voom! Want to know the naked truth about male strippers? Well, exotic dancers Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole are thrilled to bare all, in more ways than one. Their new book, Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers, reveals what really goes on behind the scenes, including titillating tidbits about the trade.

Wild sex every night? “I try to have as much wild crazy sex as possible,” says Taylor, 34, “If you’re single like me, it’s definitely a perk of the job.”

Backstage? “It’s like a frat house – nonstop pranks and antics,” says Cole.

Adds Whitfield: “Because we are grown men who happen to make a living dancing in our underwear, we really don’t take ourselves too seriously. We spend a lot of time trying to make each other laugh.”

How’s the money? Bachlorette parties are big business. Often male strippers make their money from tips they receive performing onstage and lap dances. A six-figure salary is possible for those in their prime.

Whitfield and Cole call themselves just regular guys with an unconventional job – standing in front of hundreds of women screaming for them to “take it off, take it off!” And neither is ready to retire their G-string fully just yet. Being an alpha male is one big high. “Every man wants to have women lust after his body.”

The awesome-built duo both went from shy guy to hot stud and have lived a life of GTP – gym, tan and party. They’ve danced collectively for three decades for women in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Canada and in hundreds of clubs across the United States. Both have appeared in Playgirl magazine and are both cover models for Ellora’s Cavemen erotic romance novels.

“Dancing has been the absolute best job I’ve ever had,” says Whitfield, a 39-year-old dancer and dad of two. “Magic Mike [the movie] was fairly accurate in terms of the work and the lifestyle, but it just scratched the surface of what really goes on. Take It Off! picks up where the movie left off.”

Whitfield, 39, is now retired but dances a few times a year in male revue touring shows. No longer being the centre of attention is tough. “The best thing about dancing was the memories – the fun, the stage, the girls, the sex, the parties, the friends. Worst part is when it’s time to leave, most guys don’t have a thrilling life or job after dancing.”

Meanwhile, Cole, who holds a degree in economics, runs a construction company by day and dances at night. He still loves that after 16 years – “it’s the best job ever. It opened so many doors and gave me opportunities I never would have had.” He plans to retire in two years to focus on his construction company but “for now I’m having so much fun, it’s hard to stop.” And too much sex too, admits Cole. “Crazy wild sex is still a part of my lifestyle – that’s why stripping is such a hard job to quit.”

It’s not every night but the “I have much more wild sex than most people and it’s probably 90% possible because of my work. Can you blame me? I love women, I love my job and I love sex.” Strippers have to be ripped and that requires a rigid fitness routine: “One hour a day, five days a week hitting each body part once a week. I personally don’t do cardio since I’m dancing on stage all week,” says Cole.

And everything is bigger in Texas so I don’t have to stuff,” adds Cole, who likes other wild action too.