Stripper ‘with no six pack’ arrested for assualting unhappy crowd

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There was all out chaos when a substitute stripper was booed off stage and caused an all out fight after a crowd of hot and bothered women were expecting somebody completely different. Page 7 of the Telegraph has the story this morning where it was Ladies Night at the Baltic Inn in Wales and 150 women had packed into the pub to see Fabio the male stripper in all his glory. When Fabio had to cancel last minute, Leon  stepped up, but revellers were less than thrilled to see him appear on stage describing him as scruffy, thin, with no six-pack and looked as though ‘he had been hit in the face with a wok’. He seemed to have no real act to speak of, and after a few minutes standing still, the crowd was hurling abuse and screwed up napkins in his direction. Just when it seemed that the £10-a-head evening could get no worse the stripper, provoked by the abuse, apparently plunged into the crowd and started attacking the women. Five police cars were sent to break up the scuffles at the venue, and 29-year-old Zbudowskyj was arrested on suspicion of assault. The agency that booked Zbudowskyj said it would not be working with him again and had emailed other agencies warning them to avoid him. A spokesman for Fantasy Strip said: “It was the first time we used him and he let us down big time. “We will certainly not be working with him again, we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and we’ve never had an experience like this.

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