Matthew McConaughey Won’t Do ‘Magic Mike 2’

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It seems Matthew McConaughey “doesn’t need” to be in Magic Mike 2 after winning an Oscar, denying women a second round of admiring Matthew’s chiseled body.

According to Star through Gossip Cop, Matthew has told Channing Tatum not to include him in the sequel. The supposed “source” for the magazine claims the following pertaining to why Matthew is turning down the role:

“Matthew feels that he’s done this time.”

“Taking his shirt off is what got him to the forefront of Hollywood, but he is adament that since he won an Academy Award, his acting skills should get him jobs.”

For those who do not follow with the Academy Awards, Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for “Best Actor”, in which Matthew’s mom is proud of him achieving according to a report here on The Inquisitr. That probably is the reason why Matthew is depending more on his acting skills now that he’s been recognized as a top actor thanks to a golden statue.

Prior to Matthew’s win at The Academy Awards, he starred in the 2012 hit, Magic Mike, along with Channing Tatum. The movie was partly inspired by Channing’s life prior to his success in the movie industry. Summarized, Channing was an exotic dancer before his big break. All his experiences, however, helped with Magic Mike. As for Matthew McConaughey, he starred as the manager of the all-male dancing troupe, and as shown from the picture below, Matthew was a dancer himself.

Channing Tatum is writing the screenplay for the sequel. Removing one of the main characters from the first movie might dampen the writing process. According to Softpedia, it is unknown if Channing is okay with Matthew supposedly wanting out. The last time anyone has heard or read anything about the topic was through a tweet of him writing the script next to a bust of Matthew McConaughey.

Magic Mike 2 is expected to be out in theaters within two years. However, cast details – especially with Matthew McConoughey – are kept very private.

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