It’s Important You All Know That There Is Another Male Stripper Movie Coming Out Soon and It Looks Delicious

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There is not just one movie about hot male strippers coming out this summer. We repeat: There is not just one movie about mostly naked, extremely attractive men bumping and grinding coming out soon.
There. Are. Two.
We are so embarrassed that we didn’t know about this until now. But we forgive ourselves because the trailer for Chocolate City has been released and there is no use blaming ourselves for our insolence when there is footage like this to watch:
Chocolate City, which comes out May 22, comes from director Jean-Claude La Marre, who reportedly said he jumped on the opportunity to make this film after seeing Magic Mike and noticing there was “one glaring omission, and that was people of color.” The film’s tagline shown on the poster is even a subtle dig to the Channing Tatum-led movie: “Are you ready for the real magic?”
Starring Michael Jai White, Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri’chard, Ginuwine, Romeo Miller, Carmen Electra and Vivica A. Fox, Chocolate City is about a struggling college student (Ri’chard) who meets the owner of a male strip club and is convinced to try his moves out on amateur night.