How much does a stripper cost ?

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In these credit crunch times, most professional strippers that play the circuit can be hired between £85-£100. Normally this is paid in cash when they arrive on the night. Expect to add about £25 to this figure if booking via an agent. The price is also dependent on when and where your event is. If your stripper has to drive 200 miles to reach you, it will cost more than if he only lives 20 miles away. Expect to contribute to petrol if there is a long drive involved. Similarly, the price will be more negotiable if your event is midweek rather than at the weekend.

Beware however, there are more than a few agencies supplying aging, overweight exhibitionists for around £60. I have never in all my years in this business heard of a professional going out for this price. If you want to hire purely based on the cheapest quote, then I would recommend that you visit the message boards on websites such as UK Exhibitionist. Somebody may well come and get naked for you for the petrol money !

If you want a professional stripper however, be prepared to pay the prices quoted above. Always ask for a contract and if booking from an agency make sure you ask for an image of the stripper you are getting. If you can find a quote cheaper than the price I provide you with, from any other professional stripper, I’ll price match it.

Do they go all the way ?

You’d better believe it ! Shows can be as raunchy and outrageous as you want them to be. Similarly, they can easily be toned down and strips can be conducted to a g-string only.

Where does the strip take place ?

That’s up to you. It could be at your place or work, a restaurant, a pub, club or around your house. Just bare in mind, if you want to it take place in a public place you may need permission. Your boss may not be too happy that a naked man is waving his bits around in your office. Similarly, landlords and restaurants owners may fear that the strippers’ bits could scare their customers. Also, strictly speaking such establishments will lack the necessary license (although in practice this is very rarely enforced). Often strips work best around a private house. Complications are minimized and you are better able to dictate how you would like things to happen

How long does it last ?

A typical stage act will last around 15 minutes. This assumes the stripper has lots of space to perform and props to use throughout his act. Both house and venue owners rarely take too kindly to strippers liberally distributing props such as baby oil all over their furniture! As a result the show may be tailored and curtailed slightly to reflect the environment of the performance. 8-10 minutes would be typical. However, provided the stripper does not have to dash off, he should always be available to chat afterwards and deliver a personal birthday or hen night card to the ‘victim’

Do I have a choice of Outfits/Uniforms ?

That depends on who you hire, but most fantasies can be catered for !

Anything else ?

A couple of things – Your stripper will need somewhere secure to change and ideally somewhere safe to leave his ‘civvies’ whilst performing. In the event that this isn’t possible, somebody could be designated as the minder for his bag containing his clothes. Also, most strippers will bring their own CD which contains their own specially cut musical tracks. However, very few will carry a CD player.

Also, your stripper will take about 10-15 minutes to get ready after his arrival. As well as putting on his uniform he will need to perform a trick with an elastic band and his best friend downstairs for your viewing pleasure. Cries of ‘are you ready yet’ and ‘hurry up’ only tend to slow this process. If time is critical then you could always offer to give him a hand ! Alternatively, please be patient whilst he gets ready.

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