How Does Magic Mike XXL Stack Up? Real Male Strippers Rate the Moves

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The dance moves (if one can call them that) in Magic Mike XXL are good. Really good. In fact, Channing Tatum and his gyrating hips might be the only reason to see the movie in the first place.
But the question at hand today is: How do the onscreen strippers measure up to the real thing? Sure, Tatum may have been a male entertainer back in the day, but it’s been a long time since he was onstage for real. As such, the team at The Daily Share decided to gather some real life exotic dancers to have a look at the flick and give some input. What they said will, actually, make you want to run out and see all this hip gyrating for yourself.

The panel of strippers included such renowned entertainers as Awesome Antonio and G.Q., from companies with names like HunkOMania NYC and Savage Men. While the men were adamant that they, in fact, have the best stripping skills around (especially Awesome Antonio; that guy is ruthless!), they did give credit where credit was due.
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“We need more guys like this in the business,” said one stripper, while another described Tatum’s moves as “excellent.” Chock one up for Channing!
However, the guys did have a few pieces of constructive criticism about, shockingly, Channing Tatum’s body. “He could probably be a little more symmetrical,” said Awesome Antonio. “He walks like a boy, you know, he doesn’t walk like a man.” And Armand, manager of the aforementioned HunkOMania, offered this: “I would definitely hire him, but I would say you’ve gotta hit the gym, you’ve gotta put on another 10 or 20 pounds.” Burn!

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