Chris Pratt Calls Himself a Cheap Magic Mike

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Chris Pratt worked as a stripper in the early days of his career, the actor revealed. The struggle was real for him.
The famous Hollywood actor worked in one of the biggest hits last year and performed as male lead in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The movie was a major hit at the box office.

His second most awaited movie of the Jurassic Park film series was named “Jurassic World” and it is the fourth installment of the record breaking hit movie series. It is set to get released on June the 12th in the United States and adds to Pratt’s filmography.

He has become the sensational high-demand Hollywood star but the journey to achieve these big dreams was not easy for the hunk. He is also going to appear on July issue of Red Bulletin.

During his past interview with Buzzfeed, the handsome dude admitted working as a male stripper “Cheap Magic Mike”. He said that he was very much a naked person who always loved to get naked.

He added that it was not at all difficult for him to work as a stripper because he was very free and had no problem making good money out of it. Chris shared that he even performed at a friend’s grandmother’s birthday party to entertain the guests once.

While going back to his college days he said that he dropped out of college in the first semester of his program. Pratt became a discount ticket agent but that did not work in the long run.

He did not take the situation to heart and went to Hawaii on a friend’s invitation. He opted for several waiting jobs, lived in a van on the beach in Maui and spent his time drinking and smoking weed.

The 35 years old actor these days is the ladies favorite because of his nice heart and down to earth nature. The fame surely has not gone to his head yet. He also shared that he was very passionate about acting from the very start. He said that his mother was moved by his brother’s performance in a play in the pre-school days.

According to him that was the moment when he realized that he could do it too to make his mother proud. While describing his gratitude in regard to his career Pratt said that he cannot believe that people are even considering him for such major roles.

The hard times are surely over for the Hollywood-hunk and he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming science fiction adventure movie. Bryce Dallas Howard his co-star on the movie while talking to E! News said that Chris is an incredibly honorable and a beautiful human being both on the inside and on the outside.

He is a solid guy both on and off the big screen, the actress added. She also called Mr. Pratt a great role model. She said that he is one of the most genuine and hilarious guys she has ever met in her life. He can add life to a party and she called him a unicorn due to his fun loving nature.