Channing Tatum: Joe Manganiello demanded sex swing

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Channing Tatum has joked that Joe Manganiello likely has a sex swing installed at his home.

The two stars are good friends having worked on 2012 stripper movie Magic Mike together, as well as its sequel Magic Mike XXL which hit screens earlier in 2015. One memorable scene in the latest flick sees Joe’s character Big Dick Richie incorporating a sex swing into one of his routines, with Channing joking it could be a case of life imitating art – which may be embarrassing for Joe’s new wife Sofía Vergara.

“Well, I mean the sex swing was all Manganiello’s idea, he pushed for that,” Channing told Britain’s Heat magazine. “It gives me an idea of what goes on at his house. That’s what we wanted to do with this film. I never thought the first would take off like it did – I was astounded by the response, so we knew we had to do something that gave the audience more. So we just went XXL – we went for it.”

Part of the cast’s full-on approach saw them agree to don skimpy stage costumes for some scenes. Channing is glad he did it, although it was a terrifying experience.

“Those thongs!” he marvelled. “They seemed like a good idea at the time. We thought, because we were going out on this one last ride, why not have all of us embarrassed onstage in thongs. God, once you actually have to step out on stage in that thing, it’s a whole other playing field. One false move and the whole goods are on display.”

Magic Mike was loosely based on Channing experiences as a stripper when he was younger, but the 35-year-old feels a world away from that period. He may have donned a minimal set of underwear during that period, but he has vowed never to again.

“The difference is that I am not a 19-year-old kid anymore,” he laughed. “I am an old man and there is stuff you can’t get away with. I can honestly say that will be my last dance with the thong.”

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