Photo purportedly shows Marco Rubio in Chippendales attire

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Now that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has announced his White House bid , everyone’s watching to see what he will do.

And that includes digging up some embarrassing relics from the past, like the picture above. The New York Observer claims the image shows a younger Rubio dressed as a scantily-clad dancer during a high school talent contest.

The Observer writes:

“The team nickname at South Miami Senior High School, which Mr. Rubio was graduated from in 1989, was the Cobras. Every year there was a male talent competition for ‘King Cobra’ and in 1989, Mr. Rubio and some of his football teammates wowed the crowd with a Chippendale’s style dance routine. That’s him in front of the O in “Cobra” with the washboard abs (eat your heart out, Aaron Schock!).”

The Observer says his team placed second to last, but hey, everybody needs a second chance.