Russell Crowe is well-known for playing chiseled heroes and sadistic villains, so he used that notoriety to scare the heck out of “The Nice Guys” co-star Matt Bomer.
Right away, Crowe put his plan into motion: “One of the first things we had to do together is I had to strangle him,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly’s Sirius XM show.

According to the legendary actor, his performances have led some actors to fear his work: “I know from past experiences, sometimes when you work with younger actors their references seriously are ‘LA Confidential’ and ‘Gladiator’, stuff like that,” he says. “They’re scared s**tless that it’s going to be for real.”

Turns out Bomer had those exact same fears: “Well, it’s also like, is Russell really going to choke me out in this take?” admitted Bomer. “I don’t know if he is, but maybe that’s going to happen.”

To reassure Bomer that everything would be fine, Crowe demonstrated how he would pretend to choke his co-star without ever touching him. Once the scene started rolling, however, the Oscar-winning actor pulled the trigger on his prank.

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Crowe wrapped his hands around Bomer’s neck, stared into his eyes and whispered: “Hey Matt, this is for ‘Magic Mike'”. He proceeded to make terrifying grunting sounds, joking that “grunting is one of my things.”

Russell Crowe stars alongside Ryan Gosling in “The Nice Guys”, in theatres everywhere on May 20.

Magic Mike is breaking out of the cinema and coming to a stage near you (well, if you’re in Las Vegas that is) as Channing Tatum has revealed plans for Magic Mike Live, starting next year.

“I was walking around my house filled with hot men that I live with everyday,” Tatum jokes in a video introducing the concept – and the men – “and I was thinking, what’s the next step for Magic Mike? 2D? We’ve done it twice. 3D? 3D hasn’t been cool since Avatar. Virtual reality? I don’t know. And that’s when Justin Timberlake from The Social Network popped into my mind and he goes, ‘What if you just dropped the virtual? Magic Mike: Reality.’”

There’s not much more confirmed about the show yet. It’ll debut March 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, which seems fitting enough, and you can sign up to a newsletter to get updates as plans progress. There’s also a ‘Magic Mike Asks’ site where you can answer a series of questions about your sexual tastes – though it’s not entirely clear yet what it’s for.

So far the focus is pretty clearly on the ladies, with Tatum joking that it should be a “gentle ladies club,” but hopefully they’re aware that straight women aren’t the only people looking for hot guys to take their clothes off.

ET went behind the scenes for Vivica A. Fox’s answer to Magic Mike — Black Magic — where Nischelle Turner literally flipped head over heels.

“Can we show this on Entertainment Tonight?” Turner asked as a male dancer put her hands between her knees and, in one fell swoop, flipped her up on top of his shoulders. “And that’s a wrap!” Turner said, fanning herself.

WATCH: Channing Tatum Talks ‘Magic Mike Live’ in Las Vegas

That’s just one of the moves the exotic male dancers of Black Magic have perfected, and there’s a lot more where that came from, according to executive producer Vivica A. Fox.

The docuseries, set to air on Lifetime, follows the lives of predominantly African-American male exotic dancers.

Fox is no stranger to the subject matter, as she starred in the 2015 film Chocolate City, which went behind the scenes of a fictional male strip club. She told ET the idea for the docuseries came to her after seeing Magic Mike in 2012.

NEWS: Actor Robert Ri’chard on ‘Chocolate City’ and How Moms Learned to Appreciate His Butt

“I remember back in the day going to see Magic Mike when it first came out,” she said. “There was just no diversity that was represented. I’ve got everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch, because we know the brothers got some moves.”

Fox has witnessed those moves firsthand, as she is involved in rehearsals, choreography and wardrobe, but she refuses to call the men “strippers.”

“I call my guys male exotic dancers, just for respect,” she explained. “With these guys, it’s an art. The moves that they got are just unbelievable.”

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Black Magic will debut later this year, but if all goes according to Fox’s plan, this is just the beginning.

“The main goal of the show is for us to get a residency in Las Vegas,” Fox said. “I want to see these boys’ faces on a big billboard in Las Vegas.”

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of Vivica A. Fox’s Docuseries About Male Exotic Dancers

Raphael Chestang , KARE 6:07 PM. CDT May 10, 2016

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“They used to call us ‘go-go boys.’ ‘Male stripper’ came later,” says François Tessier. Now 54, Tessier, dapperly dressed in a crisp white shirt and black slacks, spent a good part of the 1980s undressed.

Tessier got his start at Club 281 – now called Le 281 – Montreal’s only fully-nude male strip club for women. Patrons knew him by his stage name: Mr. Personality.

“All the girls liked him. He had an inexplicable charm,” recalls Joanne Morin, who worked the bar at Club 281 in the same era.

On Feb. 19, Tessier and Morin returned to their old haunts, along with nearly 60 former employees of the club, most of whom were strippers, for a reunion marking the club’s 35th year in business.

Patrons, advised of the event on the club’s Facebook page, celebrated too. On weekend nights, it is not unusual to see women lining up to get into the club, a popular downtown destination for girls’ nights out and bachelorette parties. But on that Friday, there was even more anticipation than usual – and some of the women in line were grandmothers.

Solange Aubin Salvail, 64, first went to Club 281 in 1982. Her husband brought her. “He wanted to show me what it was,” she said. Now retired and widowed with five grandchildren, Aubin Salvail remembers when a private dance could be had for $5. “I came to see if the guys changed. It’s certain they’ve aged,” she said.

Annie Delisle, 45, took over the club in 2003, following the death of her father, France, who founded it in 1980. France Delisle, who owned a female strip club at the time, came up with the idea when he saw male strippers in Miami. “He said, ‘If women can dance naked, why can’t men?’ ” his daughter recalled.

The club, which moved in 2003 from 281 Ste-Catherine St. to its present location on Ste-Catherine, just east of St-Laurent Blvd., can accommodate 420 patrons. It was a full house for the reunion.

Delisle took to the stage to invite the old-timers up for a group photo and thank them for being part of the club’s history. Two dancers from the ’90s prepared a special number for the event, and there was a tribute dance to 80s-style stripping, performed by a current employee wearing cowboy boots – and not much else.

Delisle, who grew up around the business, has observed that men and women react differently to striptease performances. Men, she said, tend to be quiet when they are at a strip club: “Guys drink their beer. Women laugh and scream.”

Delisle also finds that male strippers get more respect than their female counterparts.

“My dancers are often seen as superstars,” she said. “They’re recognized at bars and at the grocery store.”

Steeve Dubé, 48, worked as a dancer at the club from 1986 until 1996. Dubé’s teenage sons like to tease him about his former occupation. “Sometimes, they call me ‘Steeve the stripper,’ ” he said.

The striptease business was good to Dubé, who grew up poor in St-Henri. As a teen, Dubé enjoyed breakdancing. One night, he was practising his moves at Chez Parée, a female strip bar, when someone suggested he audition at Club 281. At the time, Dubé was working at Farine Five Roses, but he gave that up when he realized how much more he could earn as a male stripper. “The first night, I made over a $1,000,” Dubé said.

By the age of 21, Dubé owned a home in Laval and was investing in real estate. He met his wife, Janie, at the club. At the time, she was working as a librarian.

“I gave her my number and I said, ‘I’m going to have kids with you,’ ” Dubé recalled. Today, the couple and their boys live in a lakefront house on the West Island.

If his sons wanted to take up stripping, Dubé says he would encourage them to do it. “I’d say, ‘Go for it. But don’t take drugs or alcohol, and come out with the cash,’ ” he said.

And does Dubé still dance for Janie? “I want to, but she doesn’t want me to!”

Like Dubé, Mario Dumas, who worked at the club from 1982 to 1984, met the mother of his children while he was on the job. “My stage name was Burt – because I looked like Burt Reynolds,” said Dumas, 57. But not long after he and his girlfriend got together, she gave him an ultimatum: “She said, ‘It’s me or your job.’ ”

Dumas, who was a mechanic before he got into stripping, used his savings to buy a garage in Repentigny. He eventually sold the garage, and now owns a paving company.

Dumas said it was not only his girlfriend’s ultimatum that made him give up stripping. Despite the club’s no-contact rule barring patrons from touching the dancers, Dumas said there were customers who did not play by the rules.

“Some of the ladies who drank groped me. I felt like enough was enough.”

These days, Dumas walks with a cane – the result of a motorcycle accident last summer. Despite his bum leg and a receding hairline, Dumas said he does not mind growing older. Nor does he feel jealous when he sees the new crop of strippers at Le 281, most of whom are in their 20s. “They all have the same style. We had our own style,” he said.

After six years working at Club 281, François Tessier – the former Mr. Personality – went on to perform at strip clubs in Windsor, Quebec City and Gatineau. Tessier gave up stripping in 1992, when he found work as a receptionist for a government agency in Ottawa. He did not include his stint as a male stripper on his CV.

“But some of the girls in the office recognized me from a strip bar in Gatineau.”

My stage name was Burt
Tessier says he paid a price for his years as a stripper. “There was an aftermath. I missed the easy money, the easy living, the attention of women,” he said, and later became hooked on gambling at video lottery terminals. He was finally able to quit gambling in 2011, with support from Gamblers Anonymous, as well as counselling.

These days, Tessier works as a salesman in his brother’s Ville-Émard pawn shop. There, his personality continues to serve him well. “My ease for getting along with people always followed me,” Tessier said.

Delisle felt it was a bad idea for Tessier to perform onstage at the reunion, since he was out of practice — but Tessier would have liked to.

“My legs still want to dance.”

Monique Polak, Postmedia News | March 3, 2016 1:17 PM ET
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You heard it here first . Male Stripping is getting more popular by the day . Breaking news: Magic Mike 3 rumours and maybe with George Clooney in the cast !! Keep an eye out for all your male stripping news . The Playboyz bring your the best news first !!

Click on this link for the full video interview


Magic Mike 3 is still nothing but a dream you’ve been having for the past six months, but should that beautiful dream ever become a reality, Channing Tatum knows exactly who he wants as a co-star: George Clooney. During an interview with E! News, Channing told his Hail, Caesar! compatriot that he’d give him his entire salary if he’d agree to be in Magic Mike XXXL if it comes to pass.

The pair then tried to come up with an appropriate stripper name for George, who should obviously call himself Cloons but instead thought he should be “Big George.” Since Joe Manganiello is already Big Dick Richie, that is not a possibility, so George will have to keep thinking. Luckily, Maria Menounos suggested the time-tested formula of childhood pet plus first street you lived on, which led George to come up with “Big Boy Fourth Street.” That’s it right there. Exercise over.

By Eliza Thompson
Feb 2, 2016

If there’s going to be a third installment for “Magic Mike,” Channing Tatum wants George Clooney in it as a stripper.

There has been no announcement about “Magic Mike 3” but Tatum is certain that he will stop at nothing, even offering his share, until Clooney accepts to striptease in his film.

“If he would do Magic Mike 3, I will give him all of my part of the money,” Tatum said in an E News interview. “It’s all yours.”

“I can use the money,” Clooney responded in accord.

With that in mind, Tatum proceeded to bestow upon Clooney a male stripper name that fits him the best. “I think he’d go with his actual name. You can’t really beat that.”

“I think he’d go with his actual name. You can’t really beat that,” Tatum said.

Tatum made mention that he wanted to release more installments of the male stripper franchise while promoting “Magic Mike XXL” last July 2015. The first “Magic Mike” film was inspired by Tatum’s personal experiences as a Tampa stripper during his younger days.

“I want to do it when we’re like 80, like real old,” he joked. “Like grumpy strippers…We’ll all have mechanical hips.”

Clooney and Tatum are seen together in an interview to promote their upcoming film, “Hail, Caesar!” They are joined with Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson and Ralph Fiennes in the mystery-comedy about a Hollywood fixer. The movie features Brolin as someone who keeps celebrity secrets off the press. Clooney and Tatum take part in Brolin’s plays. It will be out in theatres this February 5.

In a previous interview with The Sun , the “Magic Mike” actor did express that he has a man crush on the Academy Awards actor.

“I’ve spent time with George Clooney and he’s the most interesting man on the planet,” Tatum shared. “He can do it all. Yep, I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

Kim Cabatuan
Australia Network News

If Michael Phelps calls it quits again after the Rio Olympics, and wants to pursue another career where he can perform without much clothing, well, he already has an offer on the table.

After Phelps’ viral cameo last week at Arizona State, where he wowed us with the “Curtain of Distraction,” the star swimmer has been invited to perform with the Chippendales dancers in Las Vegas.

We always knew Phelps had a freak physique, but his moves when the curtain dropped at ASU apparently opened all-new doors for him.

At the very least, let’s hope this leads Phelps to recreate this all-time favorite Chippendales dance routine … maybe with Seth Rogen?

We miss you, Chris Farley.

The buzzer
by Andre Vergara