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Service Pricing

Select the type of male entertainment you would like.

Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male entertainment for Private Parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.


We like to provide some options with respect to the type of male entertainment you can book which is why we are currently featuring 3 serivce options.

It doesn't matter what type of private party you're throwing, be it a birthday, a bachelorette party (stagette), or a just because party, we have you covered.

No matter what type of party you're throwing or which service you book, you'll get your money's worth!

What You Get

We like to keep things straightforward. Our dancer (or dancers) will arrive at your location and perform for approximately 20 minutes. After the show you will have the opportunity to take photos and socialize with your dancer for an additional 20 to 25 minutes.

There are different themed costumes and dancers to choose from so if you have a specific costume or dancer in mind you can let us know during the booking process, or when we follow-up to confirm your booking.

We also cater to special requests so if you don't see what you want, please let us know.

Private Party Service Pricing

Select your desired service and we'll send you one of the best male exotic dancers in Canada!


Pricing & Deposits

We have set our base pricing for our main services which is based on our core service areas (view our dancer showcase to see our core service areas).

However, the final fee for private parties can be impacted if you are outside a core service area, you request a special dancer, or you have other customization's for your private party.

All of these variations are very much welcome but they can create a difficult pricing dilemma because with changing variables (particularly location) comes changing costs.

To keep pricing as simple as possible, we require an up-front deposit (this is what you're paying for at checkout).

The total deposit required is 50% of the final cost of your private party. However, that final cost may be greater than our listed prices (found below) if you require customization's, or your location is outside of one of our core cities.

For this reason a deposit of $150 is collected at the time of checkout and if an additional deposit fee is required then you will be contacted by phone or email by a company representative with your final fee. The balance of the deposit will be collected at that time via credit card payment.

Should you wish to get a quote before running through the order process, please email us directly.

  • Topless Server
  • $350
    per guy
  • We’ll keep the drinks and the fun flowing! Minimum 2 hours for a topless server.
  • Get real men from our dancer showcase.
  • $150 deposit due upon checkout, balance payable to dancer on-site.
  • Applicable travel fee may be applied.
  • G-String Show
  • $300
    per guy
  • Get the full energy of the Canadian Playboyz, right up to the final moment.
  • Get real men from our dancer showcase.
  • $150 deposit due upon checkout, balance payable to dancer on-site.
  • Applicable travel fee may be applied.
  • Full Monty
  • $350
    per guy
  • That’s right folks. This is the one that everyone is talking about… the full show!
  • Get real men from our dancer showcase.
  • $150 deposit due upon checkout, balance payable to dancer on-site.
  • Applicable travel fee may be applied.
  • $250
    per hour
  • The Eden Nightclub VIP SIN ROOM is the most exclusive private party room in Calgary.
  • Perfect for private party, bachelorette party, stagette party, and birthday party bookings.
  • $250 deposit due upon checkout, balance payable on-site.
  • Includes free nightclub entry for your party.


Note that there is a travel fee for locations that fall outside of your desired dancers primary city. The primary city is identified both in the dancers profile, and below in the dancer drop-down. The fee is $100 per 100km for the first 200km of driving from the dancers primary city, then $50 for every 100km beyond the first 200km.

Nightclub Bookings

Don't forget about our Nightclub Shows

Canadian Playboyz specializes in two types of shows. The first is for the general public and we call these Private Party's. The second are for nightclub managers and booking agents and we call those Nightclub Shows.

Private parties are generally at a location other than a restaurant, bar, lounge, or nightclub, but we can cater to these types of venues as well. We'll get this information during the booking process.

Generally speaking though, our nightclub shows are for, you guessed it, nightclubs and are a full production, Magic Mike show. If you're a club owner or bar manager looking to book a Magic Mike style show then we invite you to learn more about nightclub shows, or go ahead and jump right into booking a show.

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