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Meet The Owner

Founder Brad Alexander is always available for his clients.

Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male entertainment for Private Parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.

brad alexander, founder

Meet Brad Alexander: 1-403-607-9299

Canadian Playboyz was founded by Brad Alexander and 3 of his friends in 2000.

Brad was born and raised in Calgary, and Calgary also serves as the home base for Canadian Playboyz. Always into the bar scene and entertainment, male exotic dancing came as a natural progression. What started as a fun occasional job eventually turned into a national empire.

Brad is a people person who loves animals and bringing people together through positivity and encouragement.
Brad is a world traveler, but at the same time a homebody who loves a night in. Brad is continuously active either with his mind, his body, or both!

Brad Has been across the country, as well as international in his illustrious career. A decade and a half in the industry, he now mainly focuses on growing Canadian Playboyz at a national level. Always an entrepreneur and not afraid of taking risks, he looks forward to what life has in store for him.

Please contact Brad directly using any of his personal social media profiles, email, or call Brad directly at 1-403-607-9299.

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