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Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male entertainment for Private Parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.

It’s about time somebody told a TV news woman that showing up to work dressed like a stripper, a backup dancer or Britney Spears after a night out is wrong – unless you are a stripper, a backup dancer or Britney Spears. Instead, a meteorologist who was told to cover up for wearing a sparkly

The actor on developing his Las Vegas show, taking on a superhero role and how Magic Mike would stack up in a dance contest STAGEMonday, May 16 3:30pmBy Nicole Ely You are directing Magic Mike Live Las Vegas, which is coming to the Hard Rock in spring 2017. What is your vision for the show?

Russell Crowe is well-known for playing chiseled heroes and sadistic villains, so he used that notoriety to scare the heck out of “The Nice Guys” co-star Matt Bomer. …. Right away, Crowe put his plan into motion: “One of the first things we had to do together is I had to strangle him,” he explained

Magic Mike is breaking out of the cinema and coming to a stage near you (well, if you’re in Las Vegas that is) as Channing Tatum has revealed plans for Magic Mike Live, starting next year. “I was walking around my house filled with hot men that I live with everyday,” Tatum jokes in a

ET went behind the scenes for Vivica A. Fox’s answer to Magic Mike — Black Magic — where Nischelle Turner literally flipped head over heels. “Can we show this on Entertainment Tonight?” Turner asked as a male dancer put her hands between her knees and, in one fell swoop, flipped her up on top of

Male Strippers in Canada

After seeing the movie MAGIC Mike, many women would love to visit a male strip club but are apparently a little shy. Well, male stripping has changed a lot in the last few years. There are male stripping clubs all over Canada and most cater to both male and female patrons. If you are shy,

CANADIAN PLAYBOYZ Do you want thrilling and exiting entertaining male strippers in your parties? Then the Canadian Playboyz is the place for you. At our gallery you will get a group of professional male strippers/ exotic for you to select from to make your party dynamic. We have brilliant dancers that offer Magic Mike stripping

“They used to call us ‘go-go boys.’ ‘Male stripper’ came later,” says François Tessier. Now 54, Tessier, dapperly dressed in a crisp white shirt and black slacks, spent a good part of the 1980s undressed. Tessier got his start at Club 281 – now called Le 281 – Montreal’s only fully-nude male strip club for

You heard it here first . Male Stripping is getting more popular by the day . Breaking news: Magic Mike 3 rumours and maybe with George Clooney in the cast !! Keep an eye out for all your male stripping news . The Playboyz bring your the best news first !! Click on this link

Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male exotic entertainment for private parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.