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Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male entertainment for Private Parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.

So they decided to make a halloween spoof to the ever so popular hit – Pony by Genuiwine . The sing was recently made popular from the hit movie Magic Mike , which starred Channing Tatum. It was the first hollywood movie made about Male strippers and it crushed expectations . Anyway check out the

For those of you who do not follow baseball, it is now the world series. Ellen is back at it again . giving praise to the male stripper genre. This time she has 2 male strippers come out in Baseball Uniforms dancing in the crowd. Nothing but smiles and laughs from Ellen and her audience.

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Hey check this out . Your Magic Mike Live dancers from Vegas are showing off some of their moves. Average Andy is the male stripper in training. Ellen seems to always be in touch with the male exotic dancing scene . Click on the video to check it out .

Most of us are sexual hypocrites. We consume porn and visit strip clubs while loudly condemning the nature and morality of the people working in these industries. Female strippers, for example, are largely still viewed as examples of failed parenting. By contrast, male strippers—albeit a group existing in much smaller numbers—have largely been exempt from

The whole room smells like eggs, and there’s a man wearing only underpants suspended from the ceiling. Is there a more precise word than underpants that we can use to explain this? What do you call the kind that cover a rear end but not much else? Is “hammock” still a thing? We’d better learn

50 SHADES DARKER – sneak preview

Check out the new trailer – 50 shades darker . This looks sexy

As you all probably all know . Channing Tatum is maybe not making another Magic Mike movie , but he is doing a LIVE Male strip show in Las Vegas . It starts next spring and is sure to be a hit . Will it compete with the infamous Chippendales and The Thunder from Down

Canadian Playboyz is Canada's leading provider of male exotic entertainment for private parties and Magic Mike nightclub events.