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    Canadian Playboyz is the ultimate in male exotic entertainment across all of Canada! We have the best male exotic dancers in the entire country!

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    Exotic Entertainment

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    Canadian Playboyz is simply the best source for exotic male dancers that you'll find anywhere in Canada. Not only are our shows the best around, but we always keep new dancers rotating through so that our customers always get the best.

    Our male exotic dancers specialize in private parties like staggettes, at-home events, and community hall fundraisers, but we're also the best in the business in larger venues like bars and nightclubs so don't delay, get your party booked and kick your event up a notch!

    Note that we provide free limo service to Calgary and Edmonton ladies nights. We also have female solo entertainers and dance groups that we book out across Western Canada. Just email us for further details.

  • Private Parties

    Private Parties

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    Private parties can be anything from in-home events, to bachelorette / stagette parties, to one-on-one parties, but the stagette is certainly the classic event.

    Exotic entertainment by Canadian Playboyz at a stagette is almost as big a tradition as having the stagette itself. If you're in charge of the stagette then let us pump up the energy with the electrifying male exotic dancers from Canadian Playboyz! We're the best in the business and you, your guests, and the guest of honour will have a killer good time.

    Give our private party pricing area a review to get started, then book your party online. If you're looking to book us for a bar, nightclub, or community hall then you can find pricing in our bars and nightclubs area.

  • Bars & Nightclubs

    Bars & Nightclubs

    Bars & Nightclubs

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    Sometimes the private party thing is just too small so when you really wanna blast it out then we're available for shows at bars, pubs, nightclubs, and community halls.

    We book Las Vegas-style male revues all over Canada that vary in length from 1 to 3 hours, with shows varying in price depending on number of performers, geograghical location, day of the week, and season of year. All our shows come fully equipped with a sound system and lighting so it's a worry-free event for you.

    No matter what the reason for throwin' a party, Canadian Playboyz can help make it an event that you won't soon forget!

    Give our bars and nightclubs pricing area a review to get started, then book your party online. If you're looking to book us for a private party such as a stagette, then you can find this pricing in our private parties area.

  • The Men

    The Men of Canadian Playboyz

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    Our lineup of exotic male dancers is second to none. We have male dancers that have been around for a while and are always fan favorites, but we also are constantly bringing in the best-of-the-best so you can find someone new. Here's just a sampler but be sure to visit the men section for more.

  • Calendar

    We're Everywhere

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    If you wanted to sample the goods before booking for your next private party, or if you want to get the girls together for a girls night out at a local club, then chances are we'll be in your neck of the woods sometime soon but find out for sure by visiting our calendar.

    Our calendar showcases all upcoming events that you'll be able to watch, scream, yell, and oogle the Canadian Playboyz dancers, and if we're not in your area then be sure to drop us a note and we'll get there.

  • Pricing

    The Perfect Pricing Packages

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    We try to keep things as simple as possible, which is why we have set pricing for a variety of packages. Go easy for your event with our topless waiter option, or dive both feet in with the full monty experience, or maybe you want to go really big and book us for your bar, pub, or nightclub -- no problem but we'll have to get you a custom quote.

    Whatever your desire, we're happy ensure you know what you're gonna pay, and we're also happy to customize a special experience just just for your party.

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    Are you all set to book the Canadian Playboyz for your next event? Great! It couldn't be easier to get started.

    Dive into the men and make a request for someone specific, or book now and leave it up to us and we'll make sure you get the hottest guys in town! Be sure to place your booking well in advance because the availability of our dancers is limited and the demand is always high.

  • Careers

    Do you have what it takes?

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    Canadian Playboyz is always on the look out for well built individuals to join the team. Ideal candidates will be physically fit, and have experience with dancing and choreography, we will however train the right candidates.

    If you're interested in taking on a new challenge that includes great pay, fun, travel, and puts you as the center of attention, then complete our online application form today.